The Final Impossibility - Norman Rockwell KATNRF

The Final Impossibility - Norman Rockwell
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The Final Impossibility

Norman Rockwell


“The Final Impossibility”

Seriograph on archival paper. 

Artist's estate authorised facsimile signature

Gold seal of Norman Rockwell authorised estate

Certificate of Authenticity & Appraisal

530 x 350mm Framed in a silver frame.


This work originated as an illustration for Look magazine in January 1967. This painting is in the permanent collection of the National Air and Space museum, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC. 

Look magazine commissioned Rockwell to do three paintings of man's first landing on the moon, which took place on 20 July 1969. The paintings were done well in advance of the mission, since if it failed they would not be subsequently used.