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Wanda Grein 


 Anise Art Studio Kiama - Wanda Grein


Wanda Grein paints Buddha & Asian images using Acrylic paints and mixed media techniques. She exhibits at the Buddhist Nantien Temple and completes commissions when requested. Wanda believes to paint Buddha, one must be able to submit themselves to open mindfulness, and be willing to ‘let go’ of what the conscious mind dictates, and gently allow the spirit and soul to guide the painting hand.

She enjoys creating Buddha paintings which tell a story about Buddhism, its history and its teachings, art with meaning is important in her work. She’s particularly fascinated with combining Asian style painting skills, calligraphic lettering and textural techniques in her own artworks.


Calling herself an ‘intuitive artist’, Wanda’s ideas and creative imagination all come into play as she paints. Sometimes she sees the completed painted image on the white canvas before she has even started painting. She believes that to be able to allow oneself to tap into the ‘artistic journey’ one is freeing their mind and soul and connecting with God.


She encourages her students to adopt this attitude to their own painting regime. Wanda is delighted when her audience see her artwork with the Soul rather with the mind.


Wanda teaches Art, and also runs Tarot Reading sessions, provides Reiki healing and Essential Oil Aromatherapy for her clients. 


19 Coachwood St,



Studio also open at other times, please phone.


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